A Beginning….

A beginning....

My hope is to produce a blog about being a person, a woman, a feminist, a leader, a mentor, an atheist, a lover, a mother, a friend, and all of the other many  identities that define who I am.  I am an expert on sexism and violence against women and I hope to create a following of men and women who understand sexism and who want to end sexism because they desire authentic relationships with partners, children, friends, and family.  We all deeply desire relationships that allow us to be authentic and don’t require us to sacrifice our “true” identity on the “alter of social acceptability”. There are no female or male characteristics, there are only human characteristics. All people deserve to be fully themselves and fully human, regardless of their  biological “sex”, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Welcome to my Blog. Welcome to my Life.  I look forward to the relationships, the dialogue, and the wonder.  I promise to change your life if you’ll let me in.

Please forgive my “mess” while this site is under construction.  There will be an infinite number of changes, I am certain.


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