Naughty or Nice: Revolutionary Jewelry

"Identity Tree" Necklace

Naughty or Nice: Revolutionary Jewelry

Organizing a revolution one necklace at a time...

The mission of “Naughty or Nice” is to create beautiful jewelry with feminist messages that oppose the sexist messages that are so prevalent and so widely accepted.

Sexism is chronic and pervasive and it is the root cause of all forms of violence against women. My company name, Naughty or Nice, represents one of the double binds that women in America are faced with. The idea that women can only be one or the other- Naughty or Nice- is one of the many sexist expectations that women women are held to as a result of sexism. “Sugar and spice and everything nice….that’s what little girls are made of”. The truth is that all people are both. Holding any group of people to unrealistic expectations is unjust and unreasonable, and creates a multitude of personal and societal problems for those people who are held to those expectations.

"Sexism is Twisted"

Now is the time to embrace equality. Now is the time to embrace ALL people; regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation (or non-affiliation), socio-economic status, etc… We ARE the people. Connection with others is the only thing in life that really matters. It is the thing that we all desire the most. Embrace authenticity; embrace love; embrace people for everything about them. There is much to be done. How will you contribute to a world where social and economic justice exist for ALL people?

For more jewelry, visit my Facebook page “Naughty or Nice: Revolutionary Jewelry”


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